Tony Robinson: Interview

Tony Robinson (Baldric from Blackadder, and the presenter of Time Team) responded to some Kids' Book Zone questions about his reading habits and the children's books he enjoyed when he was younger.

What were your favourite books when you were a child?

I loved all books - big books, small books, fat books, thins books. I liked reading everything - billboards, road signs, even the ingredients on the side of sauce bottles.

Which books do you enjoy reading aloud?

Comics! I liked all those BANG, SPLAT and AAARGHH! bits.

Do you read regularly? If so, when and where do you most enjoy reading?

On the lav.

Have you ever written a book? If so, what advice would you give to young writers?

I've written 18 books. My advice is, don't write to impress other people; write for yourself, from your heart, your head and your guts.

Which book have you most enjoyed as an adult?

The last one I read.

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