Interesting Jacqueline Wilson Facts

Here are some facts about Jacqueline Wilson, the very talented and popular author of some of the best children's books published in the last twenty years. Along with Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson is probably the most borrowed author in school libraries all over the world.

  • Jacqueline Wilson always wanted to be a writer. As a child she loved to read and always made up imaginary worlds and games.

  • One Jacqueline's favourite teachers was Mr Townsend - a gentle, kind, funny and artistic man. He helped his pupils to write their own stories.

  • Jacqueline Wilson was Christmas card monitor in her school.

  • Sometimes here childhood was happy, and sometimes it wasn't.

  • She loved lots of books when she was a child, including: Black Beauty, What Katy Did, The Flower Fairies and Nancy and Plum.

  • When she was seven she used to spend all her pocket money on notebooks and filled them with her writing.

  • When she left school, Jacqueline Wilson worked on teen magazines such as Jackie, Red Letter and Annabel.

  • Jacqueline Wilson married Millar, her husband, when she was 19.

  • She worked part-time in a bookshop.

  • Her first book for children was called Nobody's Perfect.

  • When she started to write books for Transworld publishers, she teamed up with the illustrator, Nick Sharratt.

  • When Jacqueline Wilson is writing her books, she swims every morning , then has breakfast and then she reads the letters from her fans and readers.

  • Jacqueline Wilson tries to respond in person to every letter she receives.

  • She usually writes upstairs at her desk, but sometimes she writes her children's books at the kitchen table and sometimes in an armchair.

  • She says that children interest her more than adults, and that's why she writes for children.

  • Jacqueline Wilson has one daughter, Emma.

  • She is a big fan of the rock group Queen.

  • Of all of her books, she says she likes Double Act the best.

  • Jacqueline wilson has written lots and lots of books. Here are just some of them: The Story of Tracy Beaker, Video Rose, The Suitcase Kid, Cliffhanger, The Bed and Breakfast Star, Double Act, Twin Trouble, Mr Cool, Bad Girls, Girls in Love, Buried Alive, The Illustrated Mum, Girls Out Late and The Dare Game.

  • She loves writing because she can lose herself in an imaginary world.

I hope you find these Jacqueline Wilson facts interesting, and helpful if you are using them as part of an author project or to help you with your homework. Watch out for more facts about Jacqueline Wilson in the next few weeks.


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