Children's Books by Michael Morpurgo

Books by Michael Morpurgo are some of the most frequently read children's books in school libraries. Try finding a copy of Kensuke's Kingdom, War Horse or The Butterfly Lion and you are likely to be disappointed. These books are usually perpetually checked-out with a long waiting list of eager readers trying to get hold of them when they are returned. I have yet to come across a child who has not enjoyed atleast one title written by Michael Morpurgo. Most have enjoyed all of the Michael Morpurgo books they have read.

It is difficult to determine exactly waht it is about his writing that inspires children so much. Perhaps its the fact that his books seem so real. Often written in the first person, upon finishing the last page of his books, children are often left wondering if the events are true, or if the characters are based on real people. Perhaps its because the writing stikes the perfect balance between moving the action forward and conjuring telling images in the mind of the reader. Perhaps its because the storylines are so compelling. Or perhaps its just a mixture of all of the above. I know I enjoy reading Michael Morpurgo novels aloud, and I don't say that about many children's books. The tone of his books seems to be right. His stories, even the ones written recently, sound like classsic children's books, but without feeling out of date and old fashioned. When you read a children's book by Michael Morpurgo you know you are reading something worthwhile. His books are authentic and seem to have soul.

Some of the best know of Michael Morpurgo's books are: Kensuke's Kingdom, The Butterfly Lion, Adolphus Tips, War Horse, Farm Boy and The Wreck of the Zanzibar, but Morpurgo has written far more titles besides these. Any of these titles would be well worth a read.

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